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Great Bike Ride - 11 years strong
Santos Great Bike Ride

The Santos Great Bike Ride for Homeless Youth ride’s through 11 different local governments and works closely with these groups to make sure the road closures do not heavily effect the traffic conditions of the areas the course includes.

The following documents will be available in early November for information on Road and Lane Closures:

  • Information on FULL ROAD and LANE CLOSURES
  • Details on all roads effected by the Santos Great Bike Ride for Homeless Youth

Event Notices:

Please see below Event Notices regarding Road Closures that have been mailed to the various area’s affected by the course - Please note this is the 2014 version; the 2015 will be uploaded as soon as available.

Perth CBD Notice
Victoria Queenslea Notice
Queenslea Stirling Notice
Bindaring Notice
Johnson Notice
Alfred Notice
Fremantle Notice
Canning Notice

Ardross Notice
Canning Bridge Notice
Mends St Notice
Victoria Park Notice

This page will be updated regularly as information is required by participants, spectators and the general public.

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