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Great Bike Ride - 11 years strong
Santos Great Bike Ride

Fundraise and Ride for FREE!

Yes, it’s back! In 2015 you can fundraise for our charity and ride for free!

SJG Fact Ride for Free Ride For Free

How do I ride for free?

Well all you have to do is fundraise a minimum of $250 for St John of God Horizon House! Once you reach your $250 target your entry will be finalised in the Santos Great Bike Ride for Homeless Youth!

How do I register?

  1. Register for the 2015 Santos Great Bike Ride for Charity by clicking here!
  2. When you get to the payment page simply EXIT from the page. All your details will be saved in the system and your registration will just be unpaid.
  3. Create a fundraising page on our Everyday Hero Page and set a minimum target of $250.
  4. Once you reach the $250, we will finalise your registration and you will be entered into the Santos Great Bike Ride for Homeless Youth.


  • The $250 fundraising target must be reached by Saturday 21 November 2015 4.00pm (closing time of the event shop).
  • The Santos Great Bike Ride for Homeless Youth will monitor the Everyday Hero Page to see which participants have reached the minimum target (it is not an automatic process to finalise entries once the target has been reached). If you are owed a refund* or your entry needs to be finalised and hasn’t been, then please contact us and we will adjust the registration as required.
  • If you do not reach the target, but still wish to participate, you will be required to pay for your entry. Entries online close Friday 20 November 201511.59pm; Entries in person close Saturday 21 November 2015 4.00pm.
  • All participants must collect their participant packs prior to Saturday 21 November 2015 4.00pm. Participants are required to have bike stickers and event jersey to be able to participate in the event.
  • If you would like to have your participant pack posted out to you, you must pay the extra for postage and reach the $250 minimum fundraising target by the postage cut off time Friday 6 November 2015 5.00pm. After this time, all participants are required to collect their participant pack in person at the event shop – click here for opening times.
  • Extra fees – if you wish to purchase Personal Accident Cover or Postage, you will need to pay for these items at the time of registering. Booking Fee and Entry Fee* only will be waived once you reach the minimum fundraising amount.
  • Refunds* – if you pay for your registration in full (including entry fee for the ride) and then reach the minimum fundraising target, the Santos Great Bike Ride for Homeless Youth will refund your entry fee back to the Credit Card used for payment.

* Please note that participants who are owed a refund will be refunded the entry fee and booking fee only; optional insurance, postage and any other donations or merchandise costs will not be refunded as part of this promotion. Legally the Santos Great Bike Ride for Homeless Youth can not give away insurance, and therefore if a participants wishes to select the optional insurance, this part of the payment will not be refunded.